Twisting Their Brains…Bwahaha!

Yes, the evil art teacher did ask the first and second grades to do something ridiculous, even, dare some say? Impossible?

Or at least you would think so from the reception I got when I unveiled their drawing image. After explaining that we were going to trick their brains to help them draw better, and not to name what they see beyond line and curve and dot, I told my young students we were going to do something some of artists do as a warm-up exercise. And then I showed them the image of a lioness line drawing–upside down! They were charged to draw the lines they saw, not the image, and I walked them through the process of observing the starts and stops of lines, their curves, where they meet, etc.  A few tried to be sneaky and draw turning their own heads upside down, but most gave it a go. I think they turned out great! Then they were asked to add shapes for the mane, and fill them with lines and patterns, a la Deep Space Sparkle, as envisioned by That Little Art Teacher with lions. I think my students were really pleased with their results, once they got through the pain of focusing!

Some first grade lions:

And some second grade lions:

We could have used about 10 more minutes for paint time, but I told the kids to paint the most important parts first, because our time was limited. And I have NO idea why the scars all over some lions, but it totally cracks me up!



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2 responses to “Twisting Their Brains…Bwahaha!

  1. myriah

    The second secondgrade lion has a really cool color palate. very focused. 😉

    • 4pam

      Isn’t it though? It’s one reason I shared that lion: very compelling. She’s not very deliberate in her drawing, but her composition and color are always strong, deliberate choices. Much like the artist herself.

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