Peacocks for the Holidays?

Really, no. They are just the first and second grades’ wrap-up of India.

Anything with gold and/or glitter paint is popular with this crowd. This project has both. Lots of oohs and aaahs.

many peacocks, like this one, didn't connect their feathers at the base of the tail. Interesting!

I love this bird's expression.

One without eyes...

...and one whose eyes match the ones on his feathers! Awesome!

I really love how all these birds turned out so different and interesting. I turned them loose with tempera and photos of the national bird of India, and got these vibrant paintings. I would be interested in seeing some American eagles from the class at some point!


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One response to “Peacocks for the Holidays?

  1. So fun! I wish you taught Preston’s class. 🙂

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