Christmas Cookie Plate workshop

With my focus this school year being art around the world, time for a ceramics unit for Christmas cookie plates just wasn’t in the schedule. Yet, I have been dying for a couple of years to do this project that I’ve seen on a couple of other art teachers’ blogs. My school was gracious enough to allow me to offer an after-school workshop, though, and I even had a couple of teachers participate! I think the results were adorable, and so I include them here. We looked at a variety of designs and brainstormed some of our own before each student tackled their own unique plate.

Classroom teacher designs! (So fun to have my coworkers in the mix!)

a sixth grader

My son's, also a sixth grader.

This boy’s plate was for his mom. The design was really detailed, and I loved the prickly texture of his tree. He also included ski marks in the snow, resulting in the crash exhibited by the upturned purple foot in the snowbank. We had underglazes issued in little condiment cups as they requested certain colors, and I suspect he was finishing off several surrounding cups he took to be white, as his snow exhibits three different underglazes! It is really cool, though, I think. I’m calling it “snowy bank at sunset.”

a fifth grader

fourth grader

another fourth grader

a very meticulous third grader

second grade

my youngest workshopper, a first grader

Students all kneaded and rolled out their own slabs by hand, and their only patterns were paper plates and cookie cutters (which some students opted out of). My own plate:


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