Mister Seahorse, Kindergarten-style

School kinders recently finished a collage project based on the Eric Carle book Mister Seahorse

We painted warm, textured papers for our future seahorses, and cool, wavy watercolor papers for our sea background. Then we walked through a guided observation of real seahorses in photos, noting the curvy lines and the spiral in the tail, similar to our cobras. I took liberties and loosely tied our seahorse to Mexico. All that coastline, you know. Then I turned them loose to draw, on the back of their warm painted papers, their first SOLO drawing from observation! A few were afraid to try, but as they watched me encourage and praise the braver students who applied curved lines to paper and tried to create the contours of a seahorse, my timid artists jumped in after them. We cut out and glued our seahorses to the watercolor sea, with the exception of one fellow who got the papers mixed. Either way, the results were striking, I think. A few Mister Seahorses:





A mister seahorse with a baby.


a big-nosed mister seahorse


the warm-water seahorse...love that smile!


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