Show Time!

April is a month of reckoning for elementary artists. This is when their artworks are put up for all the world to see. For us, it began with the district art show, and included both school students and homeschool students. Selected pieces are hanging on the walls of the city library, along with other schools in the disctrict. This one gets the kids excited because everyone can easily see their art on display, and they get to see it with the art of lots of other kids.

The outside two artworks are my students'.

And again, the outside two are my students'.

And I just returned from the big regional art competition Concordia University hosts for young art students at their associate schools in a five-state area. Our students showed very well, with one outstanding purple ribbon, and four out of every five artworks a blue ribbon.

The Cubist Mantis wins a blue!

To be terribly honest, with today’s gas prices, this was painfully expensive to participate in. I don’t see it as a given in the future.

And this week I am mounting (and finishing) art projects for our school’s fine arts show, to be held next Thursday. What a month! Maybe a little TOO intense. But it’s worth it for the kids, right?


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