Often The Fine Arts Need an Audience

We are encouraged and blessed when others receive what we communicate as artists. Someone “gets” us. And so our school’s fine arts program every year is well supported and received. We begin with a musical program, which this year’s music teachers really outdid theirselves on. It was all worship music, and it was just extraordinary to hear the children lifting up praise for twenty minutes. What an awesome job they did! My own son is the tall one in back.

Choirs, with art gallery behind.

Theo singing LOW.

The kids’ art lined the gym: China, Japan, the ocean and Concordia winners. The kids who wished to, made a takehome of Cherry Tree blossoms, drawing a branch with oil pastels and stamping 5-petaled blossoms of pink and white tempera with the bottom of a 20-ounce water bottle. Good times!


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