Spreading the News

The night of our art show, I passed on some emotional (for me) news to my students and their parents: I, my husband and our youngest son would be moving to France for a few years. I would not be back to teach next year. I had already told people at church, but had held off sharing with my school until I could do so all at once.

Eventually, this blog, being 4 Me after all, and about the new Me’s God makes me into, will transition  into an expat in France blog, influenced by my art background and homeschooling junior high for my youngest child. This wasn’t even on my Fifty Before Fifty list, and probably calls for an entire revamping of that now archaic list. I hope friends and family will be better able to stay in touch as I share our adventures and even mundane experiences in a foreign country and culture.

Now to learn a bit of French beyond bonjour, madame! Un croissant, sil vous plait.



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2 responses to “Spreading the News

  1. Bonnie Dakan

    Pamela – What a glorious life adventure!! I am so happy for you – and will look forward to following your adventures (plural) with great interest! You and your family are in my prayers and my thoughts!

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