The Lavender House

Also known as the impeccable house, because this sweetie was pristine. But the location just could not be ignored. As much as we would love to (literally) live over the river and through the woods, up into the foothills, it would just sacrifice too much. But choosing to surround ourselves with the lovely French people does mean we gave up:

a driveway lined with lavender…

and the controversial pool.

The kitchen was compact but incredibly efficient and pretty much perfect.

From kitchen to dining area, with fireplace.

This living area actually had French doors on either side, so they could be thrown open and catch the prevailing breeze, or incorporate the pool space outside this door.

From this living room, head upstairs…

to the little loft lounge associated with what would have been Theo’s bedroom…

which overlooked the pool. There was a small bathroom up here, too.

The downstairs bathroom. It had a separate WC.

A downstairs bedroom. None of the bedrooms had built-in closets, or cupboards as they called them.

Yes, this is a true testament to our commitment to be a part of the new culture and people. Good-bye, Lavender House!



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4 responses to “The Lavender House

  1. Bonnie Dakan

    Pamela, I am behind times. When are you going to France, what is Stoney doing there, and how long will you be gone?? Do they have BSF in France? Will you be concentratinng on painting? I am so envious!!

    • 4pam

      Bonnie, we hope to leave at the end of July, pending the Visa paperwork. Stoney’s employer is sending him there to help manage a design program for a new plane, which will take a couple of years or so. They do have BSF in France: unfortunately only one class, in Paris, 5 hours away. I will be homeschooling my junior higher, but intend to take painting classes and tour some famous impressionist sites. They even have an “In the Steps of Van Gogh” tour! Definitely going on that one. If you should find yourself in France, Bonnie, I’d love to be your B&B.

  2. Adreana Bennett


    • 4pam

      You and Stoney both! It was quite a commute, though, with gas at almost 1.50 euro a liter. And here, Theo and I walk all over: grocery, patisserie, ice cream shop, library; there, only a second car would have given us any mobility. What an awesome spot, though!

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