The Olive Tree House

This house was really appealing. It was in a town not too far from Stoney’s work or the International Church, but the town itself is not really one of my favorites. The house was situated far enough from it, too, that it would pretty much need a second car to get around; it’s not really walking distance to anything. It lies on a street behind a gate, in a nice-looking neighborhood. But what really drew us in was the extraordinary design sense of the builder, who was still finishing the house.

The landscape and fencing is all still to come.

The olive tree in the patio that is central to this house.

It is hard to describe or show in a photo what makes this house so brilliant. Just about every room opens onto this patio, with the home designed on a sort of C-shape, the inner part of the C facing, I think, northwest. This house had a heat exchanger, but if you open all the sliding glass doors and there is any breeze at all, the air would circulate in the entire home and you would rarely ever need that AC.

This shows the materials that will be used to finish the house.

a bathroom

The kitchen will have gray counters, with a bar to the right, and white cabinets.

An example bedroom: it will have closets, and …

of course has the sliding door that opens onto the olive tree patio.

But we really were looking for a neighborhood Theo could be an active part of, and a more traditional village. Our next house was definitely traditional! Watch for it in the next tour.


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