The Old World House

This, the first home showed to us, is right in the center of a village. It is quite old, although I don’t know whether it is 1920s old or 1820s old. It is what I would consider a townhome, with walls adjoining other homes on either side.

The walk up to the Old World house from the street.

The realtor opening the front door for us. Isn’t it just singing with character already?

Look at those floors!

The kitchen had been recently updated, and the stovetop included both electric AND gas burners.

A beautiful staircase…but also creaky and uneven.

A bedroom. Notice the fireplaces are all closed off, as the city doesn’t permit them to be used. Their beautiful facades remain, however.

An interior bedroom uses a celestory window to capture light from the bedrrom we had just seen.

The third bedroom. This is another home without closets.

This is the upstairs bathroom. The bathrooms were really the greatest drawback in the house. When they are updated, like the kitchen, it will be a very sweet spot.

Across the street from the townhome.

A little restaurant is the adjoining residence on one side.

And this church is in the next block.

Now, I very seriously considered this charming home. This large village is beautiful and an active community. It is home, further out, to the area mall and giant supermarket. It is a busy place, but that is a bit of a drawback to this home, too. Right on a central street, even at the early French hour of 10 in the morning, it was kind of noisy. I would rather have something a little quieter. It isn’t as much family living, either, keeping Theo in mind. Additionally, although it had a fair amount of sunlight at that hour of the morning, it would obviously be a fleeting thing, and I was really looking for a light-flooded home for painting. But it was my backup choice (though Stoney was less sure). We were in perfect agreement on our first choice, though!


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