Drumroll, please…and the winner is

…the light-filled house. This house is right on the edge of the city centre of the busy ville of Tournefeuille. Theo will be an easy bike ride or long walk to city shops, our daily bread at any number of patisseries, the park with bike trails, an archery range and that French lawn-bowling sport, a large library that seems to double as a community center, a public pool, and a stadium where competitive soccer and rugby are played. The end of our street has a bus stop, connecting us to other villes (about 15 minutes from our church at most) and to the metro, which takes you into the city centre of Toulouse and its many museums and attractions. We will be connected.

The house itself is a duplex, and our side is situated facing mostly east, so the house was viewed with the late morning sun pouring in. You really can’t get a true feel for the sunniness of the rooms from these photos, though, because they were taken by another couple on a day it was pouring rain.

Our side is on the right. Note the planter boxes up front of the patio.

Isn’t the door beautiful?

I do believe this fireplace works. In the space you see between the entry and the little living room is a tiny WC…


The kitchen is separate, lying off the larger living space here. Both areas had sliding glass doors that opened onto the wraparound stone patio. This whole area was white tile and white walls with a vaulted ceiling in the main space.

The kitchen has warm, peachy walls and gray counters. It also has room for a tiny dinette. Or I could put in a little island with a bar edge for a couple of stools.

A utility room lies beyond the kitchen, with hook-ups for washer and dryer, and another door to the patio.

The master bedroom is also on the ground floor. Beautiful floor!

The walk-in closet here is the only one I saw in the nine houses, and there is called a “dressing room.”

The master bath has no toilet that I remember, but a bidet. But check out my favorite part…

the wallpaper is inspired by Van Gogh’s Irises! His painting is actually my laptop wallpaper, and it was like God saying, “Here. I picked you a house.”

Tomorrow we can explore upstairs!


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