And Walk This Way…

Upstairs is a landing and a small lounge that overlook the main rooms downstairs. One side of the upstairs is tucked under the eaves, so you’ll notice the petite size of the door to the bathroom. Luckily we are a somewhat petite-sized family.

This will probably house bookshelves, a desk, and maybe some soft seating.

If you turn right at the landing, you enter the room at the front of the house, which will be Theo’s. The door leads to the little balcony.

The balcony overlooks the front patio and the planter boxes.

This is the bedroom you get when you turn left, toward the back of the house. It will house art, some school, and eventually Myriah, but it is the least light in the house, so I strongly suspect my work will migrate out into other areas. I’ll need to plan to contain that before it gets out of hand.

The upstairs bathroom…

…with shower. As long as Theo doesn’t grow a ton, he’ll still fit in this room nicely, even though it is tucked under the eaves. We might need to find a way to bump-proof the door frame, though, for sleepy mornings. I think it is about 5’6″.

Going back downstairs…

…check out the side patio. It wraps all three sides. There is also a garage, but it is a shared unit of garages for the street, a little ways down. But you can also park on the street across from the house.

And that’s our house. Next, I’ll show you a little around Tournefeuille.


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