Welcome to Tournefeuille!

We’ll be taking a short walk around the city centre. I hope you enjoy the views! Click on individual photos to enjoy the details in a larger format.

This is a church bell tower that does ring in the hours. To your right beyond the camera’s peripheral vision…

is an amazing, apparently award-winning, pizza joint. The tiramisu looked to-die-for, but I chose not to. Something to look forward to someday.

On our way to the library, we pass a tiny little city park with a monument sculpture and a public toilet. For pay. It’s coin operated, but occupied when we went by, as I was curious as to whether one provided one’s own paper.

We have stepped into the doors of the library. You can go downstairs to further public spaces, or step through the glass doors before you to enter the actual library, which looks very inviting. Someday I hope to be able to read some of its contents.

The city centre is filled with shops, cafes, and businesses (like phone service stores and beauty salons).

There were several chocolatiers…

a fruitier (and that’s besides a farmer’s market twice a week)…

and any number of patisseries. And yes, the French really do seem to buy baguettes daily.

We actually had lunch at this patisserie. I am so glad we did! The ladies running it spoke no English, but worked really hard to try to help us awkward Americans, with our unfamiliar and hard-to-use credit card. We got our favorite ham and cheese baguette sandwiches, and then desserts:

Stoney’s chocolate creme brulee truffley-thingy.

My sweetbread.

Tournefeuille also has a supermarche (supermarket), but our experience there deserves its own post. So I’ll just leave you with a lovely picture representing any median throughout the city centre:



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  2. I have totally been in that same boulangerie!

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