What do I REALLY need?

Moving overseas has pretty much left this as the burning question of the day, almost daily, for the last month (excepting my son’s wedding). You’ve seen my closet in a previous post, and I would share that with Stoney. And those are big closets for France. The kitchen isn’t very big, and the appliances are pint-sized. The bedrooms and bathrooms are no larger than necessary. We aren’t going to move any furniture (it would be oversized anyway), and instead rely on an allowance there. This, of course, means that all furniture acquired there would stay there when we leave, since if the company isn’t shipping any there, it sure isn’t shipping any back.

So, with a 900 pound airship limit, what do I NEED?

Practical stuff comes to mind first. For instance, clothes. I admit, I am taking more than I NEED, although certainly not all I have. I’ll have to come up with storage options to accomodate what I have chosen, which I am limiting to this pole in my Kansas closet.

Here are clothes for 4 seasons, not including underclothes, pajamas, shorts and capris, and tanks. Oh, and my coats. Or shoes, obviously. It’s amazing how much stuff Americans accumulate.

And art stuff is a need, for some of us. This pile actually is one of my bigger ones, although it also includes random storage containers.

Unfinished and blank canvases and pads of paper fill the box in the back that the bagged easel lies across. Some other miscellaneous stuff is here, too.

Since we will be homeschooling, THAT stuff becomes a significant portion of what we have, not to mention of our allotted weight. Books are heavy. The boxes under all the random kitchen-ey and decor stuff are homeschool stuff.

Five boxes of books, etc., plus another in another stack.

But some things you NEED because they represent home to you, or are comforting in some other way. Family photos and my mom’s paintings are included. The cougar drawing in the above photo was done by my oldest son when he was 7 or 8. Quilts count here.

The computer desk is not going.

We’ll take some dining and kitchen things, but some we’ll get there. We’ll take some pillows, but not sheets, because they probably won’t fit the beds. My husband will take the Xbox, but also a transformer so he can run it without frying it. And we’ll even take some food items too hard or expensive to get there, like peanut butter. And personal electronics will also go, like laptops and ipods, but a printer will be bought there.

What would you consider necessary? What would make your life richer by being  included in your air shipment?


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