First Flight

We flew to Chicago July 4 to present ourselves to the French consulate July 5 for our visa applications. Stoney and I are old hands at flying, but our youngest child is the only one never to have the experience. It was an early flight, so the enthusiasm was a little subdued at first.

more anticipation for the muffin than the flight

But the takeoff got him pretty excited! You can really feel the movement in those little planes.

“We’re moving!” I love the expression on his face.

He watched through the window a good portion of the trip. He announced when we rose above the clouds. He sat at the wing and watched the changes there. He definitely enjoyed his first flight, and his second almost as much. Note his nose glued to the window on the return flight.

We’re heading home, and Stoney is performing his usual feat of magic: instant sleep upon takeoff. Theo would never sleep.



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2 responses to “First Flight

  1. Honest truth the first flight is the hardest.

    • 4pam

      Agreed! It is all unknown, but very exciting if you are a 12-year-old boy. His next flight will be long enough for the boredom to set in, though.

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