Scenes from Chicago

I found Chicago to be a city filled with architectural contrasts (and a whole lotta noise.) It was my favorite part of the city after the Art Institute, with the possible exception of Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe.

The beautifully detailed older building with the raised garden, ahead of the black and glass building.

Our hotel described itself as the first colored highrise building in Chicago. It is topped with real gold. That definitely made it easy to find from blocks away!

The view from outside our window. I don’t know how old this water tower is, but it certainly LOOKS old!

Looking one direction on our street, you can see the top of the Art Institute and very modern skyscrapers in the distance…

From the other direction, same street, you see mostly older buildings and monuments, with some modern glass buildings mixed in…

Chicago was dressed for the Fourth…

And trying hard to stay cool. The canal area was busy.

I enjoyed exploring Chicago, but clearly I am a small city person at heart. It is just not someplace you can begin to see in two days.


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