Happy Birthmonth!

Or three weeks of birth celebration, as Theo would not be in the US for his thirteenth, so we had a party with family and friends early, before we left. We will probably still have some sort of hurrah for him when he truly does become a teenager, so it sort of prolongs the joyous crossover. Ahem. I love thirteen year olds. Honest. Mostly.

Anyway, our party was in Wichita’s Old Town, starting with pizza. What group of boys doesn’t like pizza? We followed it, down the street, with time at City Arts, constructing an arsenal out of wire frames, foil and Crayola Model Magic.

A constructive birthday

en guarde!

Theo’s older brother surprised him by driving up from Texas and appearing in the midst of the creativity. Awesome birthday surprise!!

How does Quinn look with a handlebar?

You’re never too old to make stuff.

The cake was a Dublin Dr. Pepper cake, served with my son’s beverage obsession, Dublin Dr. Pepper, although thanks to a Goliath beats David story, can no longer be called Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Chugging a Dublin.

It was a fine day for a battle.

Happy Birthday (almost, sort of)! You will make a fine young man! I am so proud to be a part of your life.


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