IKEA: for the Bob the Builder in Every Adult

or teen, for that matter. Pretty much most of our interior furnishing will be from a flat-pack box.

More than a room’s worth here.

Thus far, we have seen nothing to match IKEA for their quality/price-value ratio, even among the u-assemble crowd. The local runners-up would be Alinéa, who won a spot on our patio with table and chairs. These were easy enough for a 12-year-old to assemble with nearly no adult direction. As witness:

Yes he can!!

The chairs, sturdily assembled by Theo, awaiting their mate, the table.

IKEA, on the other hand, can be a little more complicated. The furniture assembly has (for the most part) extraordinarily clear directions made almost entirely of illustrations. Still, it is very well designed and put together, even if I am the final assembly technician. Bolts and screws are often threaded into metal receptors inserted into pre-drilled holes and locked into place with these little metal spiral-like discs you half-turn over the bolt or screw, and which probably have a well-known carpentry-ish designation, but which I had never encountered before. IKEA having all-illustration directions, I remain ignorant of the term, but NOT of the need for 24 of these sweet babies on my one piece of furniture.

Theo has been helping with our IKEA construction, (and since I do occasionally bite into virgin wood with these screws, I feel justified in using the term), but I don’t try to turn him loose with these. They can get a little complicated.

Some vigorous pushing had to occur here. Honest, there is no headbanger music playing.

I built these lovely things. Really, with a little help from my son. And some prep work by some IKEA factory workers. But other than that, I built these.

OK, I confess: I am pretty limited in my construction skills. I’m only willing to try so much without fear of some really unfortunate mistake, so the rest of our furniture will have to have Stoney’s help this weekend. I figure, directions that seem a little complicated and maybe ambiguous should be quite clear to a structural design engineer. Right? So I expect by the end of the weekend to have all the furniture basics assembled to show you, and more importantly, ready for our 900 pounds of worldly goods, which arrive Monday. (Not that you’re not important.)



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4 responses to “IKEA: for the Bob the Builder in Every Adult

  1. Veda Corneil

    I love it that you are a sturdy prairie woman building furniture in France!!! Is it hot over there like here? 100 to 111 degree days. I have been canning this summer and you should see our basement storage shelves. BSF is looming nearer and nearer. I found a great book for Genesis. It is called Genesis Beginning and Blessing by R. Kent Hughes. Wow!!!!! I have learned so much about God’s purposes in this book and I’m not even finished reading it yet. Love, Veda

    • 4pam

      It is so great to hear from you, Veda!! It isn’t even remotely as hot. Some days, like today, ease into the 90s a tad, but even without A/C, it’s not bad. Monday I felt downright cold, with a high not even of 80. We even had rain that day; I almost felt guilty. I am noting the book recommendation! Theo and I are walking through II Corinthians together. I will pray for you all in BSF!

  2. We love IKEA around here. Luckily we have a store not too far from us in the Cincy area and directly on the way to visit with Molly. In factt=, more than one occasion has us meeting at Ikea just to browse. And in my house, I am the builder, so anything we have I have constructed as well. Love that power (and as you pointed out, it really isn’t that difficult. LOL)

    • 4pam

      Remember Tim The-tool-Man Taylor (was that 90s TV or 80s)? All this construction can almost draw that same grunt of manly satisfaction from me! LOL!

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