Finally Left Town!

We took some vacation time this last week before school started. Our first excursion was south of Toulouse, almost to the Mediterranean Sea, to Narbonne, France. I knew it was pretty big, and a former port city, but I was still surprised by how big it really was. It felt almost as big as Toulouse. But cooler, because it was founded way back in 118 BC, by Romans. VERY cool!

Theo between original Roman pillars. It’s the mighty Samson, bringing down the roof! Oh, wait…it’s already down.

A real Roman road connecting to Toulouse and to Spain was excavated, and is right in front of the Marie. You can walk down and stand where Paul may well have walked.

The stones were bigger than I imagined.

Really, a half day is not enough for Narbonne. We need to go back sometime when we can actually visit more than one of their 7 or 8 museums. I was paralyzed by indecision at having to choose just one, when all of them are only twice the euro, so chose none. But you don’t have to go inside anywhere to see a LOT. Click to get a bigger view.

Our first view after the parking lot. Do all French cities have canals running through them?

They had a castle and an unfinished cathedral right next to each other. I was never sure which was which.

Cathedral maybe?

Beautiful details in the stonework!

There was a courtyard, possibly between the two buildings. It was hard to tell where one started and the other ended.

The archway on the ceiling of the covered walkway.

This is an indoor market with a sort of Victorian feel.

And we went in and found THIS patisserie!

Oh my goodness! What an artist! Little piggies and turtles and lambs, and chocolate monsters or something. My mouth is watering again just remembering. I’ll show a few of the houses next. I hope you enjoy!


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