Fabulous Facades…and Foam

The buildings in Narbonne were often striking. Sure, many were just plain French architecture like I would find all over Toulouse; but a surprising number had extraordinary architectural detail. A couple of my favorites:

A beautiful home along the main street.

Note all the sculpture at the top. That’s stone! I can hardly believe people went to that much trouble in STONE for a house!

This house is amazing. There are four of these pillars, aside from all the decorative stonework everywhere else on the house. I am going out on a limb and betting the original owner was involved in the maritime trades.

Most of the older homes had some some level of stone detailing.

Note the carvings on the corner of the rowhouses? And by the way, we went all up and down that street several times and NEVER found the Tex-Mex restaurant. It’s a myth.

After touring Narbonne, we planned to hit the beach. This can be difficult if you know the direction of the sea, but nothing about its beaches. We proved this by following TomTom to the closest “beach,” which proved to be an inland saltwater lake. It was very windy, which seems to provide it’s own kind of fun on such beaches. Click on these photos to see some more detail.

The beautiful salt lakes became, well…

…foamy at the beaches. Apparently, this was not without its own appeal.

I preferred the top of the island hills, though…

covered in vineyards!

We went home after that, but our next adventure was north of here, although still south of Toulouse… the Pyrenees mountains. But before that, I plan to post some disposable art I created for the wall at home. Frankly, I could use some feedback.

A Bientôt!


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