Take a Hike

Our second excursion was into the Pyrenees Mountains for a hike. We chose a relatively short hike up to the Roquefixade Chateau, which is the ruins of a second century castle. I was surprised at how much country there really still is in France. I guess because so many French crowd up into the cities?

We chose what was described as a relatively easy, short hike, with a Catalan castle ruin at the peak. It began in the village of Roquefixade, nestled in a mountain valley. Click on any photos to see them larger, and enjoy our hike.







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2 responses to “Take a Hike

  1. Jennifer

    Check if France is like Denmark and England. There you can only build new houses/buildings in certain zones – typically cities. In the country they are allowed to renovate buildings that already exist, but no new buildings can be built. That keeps the countryside open and means people tend to live closer together where houses/apartments can be built. I wish we had that here with all the open country getting built up with new houses that might not be needed. Urban sprawl isn’t pretty.

    • 4pam

      That would explain a LOT. And it would definitely cut down on the land consumption back home. All those rolling hills between Fort Worth and Hudson Oaks seem to be filling up with housing developments. 😦

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