Corrugated Cardboard Canvas #2

I’m done with my second canvas of disposable art. Theo and I really like it, but Stoney finds the background jarring. First, the sketched subject with background and shading blocked in.

Then with a painted subject, but no real background yet…


And lastly, the cardboard daisies with their controversial background, and finishing touches on the flowers. I like it. I like the sense of leaves and stems without their actually being any leaves or stems. The subject is weighted to the left to give a sense of movement toward the poppy canvas, whose stem sort of gives a sense of movement back toward the daisy. I’ll show them together when I give a tour of my dining area.



And there you go…sound-dampening wall coverings for the price of the paint.

Oh! And I found gesso! Not that I bothered to use it here; I finished off the can of spray paint. But the E.Leclerc in Roques had a sizeable art aisle, and they had gesso. Another artsy random fact: French acrylic paint smells a lot more than American acrylic paint. But then, so does most of their school glue, which only comes in sticks or tubes. Next time, a tour of the living room, or salon.




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4 responses to “Corrugated Cardboard Canvas #2

  1. Kimdao

    This is beautiful! I love the bright background.

    Also, I love your blog! It is very insightful and will be of much help when Jeffrey and I relocate to France.

    I appreciate you and Stoney looking out for him while he is there.

    I look forward to meeting you soon!

    Take care!


    • 4pam

      Kim, it is a pleasure to play hostess to Jeff, and I look forward to your arrival as well! Jeff is a delightful young man, and I hope he settles on Tournefeuille and runs in its linear park. Either way, I hope to see lots of you both.

  2. Myriahster

    I LOVE IT! Tell dad he’s totally wrong, the background is stunning!

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