This is my living room, or salon.

Flexibility is so important in small homes. The bench can also be moved to the dining table if we add the leaf, or move in front of the tv to accommodate a larger conversation group. In this location it serves as a side table. I have plans for the future here, too. For fun, I’d love to echo some of the Van Gogh in acrylic on the cabinet doors of the secretary. It would be fun to play with that space! I also plan to paint a Scripture verse on some large format mid-weight paper I have,  to hang on the fireplace.

The sofa makes into a double bed, for those who would like to come stay awhile. The extra bedroom upstairs, with a window looking out onto the sunrise each morning, will eventually have a single bed and a trundle for my daughters’ visits, but until then I can still put up guests here. I wanted a yellow pillow to echo the moon in the Starry Night, but inexplicably, there is just NO living room yellow in all my part of France. Yellow must not be an “in” color at all. I found these plaid dinner napkins and made my own pillow, but they wrinkle terribly. Other than that, it makes a perfect pillow.

Stoney’s chair is SO red. Someday I may grab some fabric paint, and if it tests soft and flexible enough, add some blue and tan stripes to this cushion. A little red goes a long way.

So, friends and family, who would like to make reservations?



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3 responses to “Bienvenue!

  1. Sherry

    Pam, I’m loving every bit of your blog pics, paintings, adventures. Book us any space for Summer 2014!!!

  2. Eldora

    I would LIKE to make a reservation but reality dictates otherwise. Thanks so much for sharing your life!

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