North of Here

I mentioned attending a church retreat. It was northeast of Toulouse, in the mountains that way, near a town called Saint Antonin Noble Val. Or was it Val Noble? Either way, the town itself has river canoeing and rafting with some rapidy spots, so we will be back in May when the water is higher and it’s a tad warmer! Our weather was gloomy the whole time, although our congregation was joyful and warm. Still, it was lovely, and I wanted to share some photos. Click on any you’d like to see larger.

See the cliffs of the town behind the trees?

The sun tried to shine, but could never quite overpower our cloud cover.

The cliffs above St Antonin Noble Val that you could see through the trees from the retreat center.

The city as you approach on the road.

My handsome traveling companion.

Stoney actually braved the rain to go exploring at the retreat center. He got some amazing photos on his iPhone, and maybe someday I’ll share some of those here!


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