Fall Tradeoffs

Back in Kansas, we had become accustomed to some pretty dramatic fall displays. Sure, it was no New England, but especially compared to mild Texas, the colors were dramatic. (Georgia actually gave us the best of both worlds: striking color and mild winters).

Here, fall has arrived, but more like central California. I am hoping this temperate autumn and mostly green surroundings will mean winter isn’t bad at all. And you can still find signs of fall…

The scene from my living room window. The warm yellow of that neighbor makes my day on sunny mornings!

A typical French cyclist along the avenue.

These are the most abundant fall color.

There’s a little yellow out there, too. See how all the tips are turning yellow?

The flowers planted along the streets are actually doing better now that it’s fall, also reminiscent of central California.

It’s the cloudy season, apparently. I’m getting juuuuust enough sunshine to get me through each week. If I don’t have to hibernate away my winter with blue extremities, I’ll call it a good trade.



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2 responses to “Fall Tradeoffs

  1. Maybe I should bring you pictures of Manhattan. :}

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