Permanent Decor?

When you move and leave a home, what do you remove from the home and take with you? Furniture, obviously. But curtains? Curtain fixtures? I’ve moved in to homes where previous residents had left one or both of these, or neither. Appliances are another variable. But anything more, let’s say, affixed? What do you expect to find already in a home before you move in?

How about light fixtures?

The lonely bare bulb found in most rooms, although some do protrude from the wall.

I confess this surprised me…that most folks take ceiling light fixtures with them when they go, just like most curtains. At the stores, you can buy ceiling light fixtures like you would expect in the states, that have to be seriously attached to the ceiling, right? But you can also buy these, well, ceiling light SHADES  of sorts, that are a much less permanent feature. But either way, you can always wire a fixture in: kits to do so abound. We went with that semi-permanent option in the bedroom:

Where once dangled a single naked bulb, now hangs a neatly dressed one!

Of course, we have no reason to take this fixture with us, so as long as the next residents don’t opt for a different style choice, it will continue to grace this ceiling. The window treatment will go with me, though. (wink) These are sheets from a daily calendar of art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, pieces that really connect with me. I will also take the French-acquired quilt set.

Our American quilt proved to be much too big for a French bed.

I confess to having bought this quilt at our ville’s Sunday market. I paid more than if I had gotten one from IKEA or eLeclerc, but the smiling French woman with almost no English with her booth beside the vegetables and the sausages and the rotisserie chickens was too delightful to pass up. This ensemble made my day! (And WAS cheaper than the one I had been eyeing at Maisons du Monde.) Even if I don’t use it on a bed in Kansas, I will still wrap up in it in all those awful winters!



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2 responses to “Permanent Decor?

  1. Lavendar quilt? How very French. 🙂 Love it!

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