A Little Side Trip…to the Catalonia region of Spain

Here we are in France, and of course it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to see as much of Europe as possible. So, while Theo is studying about ancient Greece and Rome, we make a trip down to Costa Brava, home to a seriously cool homeschool field trip. But more about that later…

We arrive amid drizzle and mist…

Our hotel was in a city called Cedaqués. The countryside was pretty, and our hotel was beautiful. It was, however, our first non-American-style hotel. I honestly confess I don’t remember staying in a hotel without an in-room coffee maker before. It was the only thing I really missed; I obviously have a coffee problem. It was a decent trade-off for this view, though.

Taken from my seat on my hotel room patio. That’s right, from my ROOM. While listening to the surf. And smelling lavendar and olive trees.

I also sacrificed anything vaguely resembling sound-proofing. The sea along the horizon there is not far at all…

This is the sea as we approach it from the hotel.

More blues than I can count.

See my guys exploring in the rocks?

I’ll share more photos next time, including some where the sun broke through! A bientôt!


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