The Ceramics Capital of Catalonia

Or at least La Bisbal says they are.

Stoney and Theo both bought art pieces from a gallery of authentic La Bisbal pottery.

The three of us ventured south into the hills to see, accompanied again by clouds and light rain. I intended our first stop to be the Terra Cotta Museum, but it proved to be a victim of the economy. Anyone want to buy a ceramics museum? A block away, we found our first antique shop; we hadn’t realized La Bisbal is also chock-full of antique stores.

This shop attracts with suits of armor outside.

I found this little gem…it made me laugh!

saltshaker chicken with a hinged door on his butt to receive the salt

Hoping to get more info on where the ceramics shops and galleries were, we headed to the tourist information center, but alas…

also closed. At least it’s not for sale.

So we just went exploring.

We found some interesting architecture, but overall, I much prefer the French style to Spanish, or at least this area of Spain.

What happens when your husband can’t remember which strip on the paint chip card you chose.

A ceramics shop covered in ceramics.

A church in this seemingly very Muslim city.

The Catalonian-independence sentiment is very strong everywhere you go.

Public art

This window seems to have a butler in the scrollwork?

And there were many pretty doors, too.

And we can’t seem to go anywhere without finding an amazing pastry shop.

yummy mini treats!

I enjoyed my trip, but it isn’t necessarily a repeat visit kind of place.


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