The Beauty of Clean Drinking Water

Public clean water fountains may be in the French villes, but I just haven’t run across them yet. And of course, public drinking fountains abound in the states, although folks might look at you funny if you brought up your jug and attempted to fill it there. But what struck me in Catalonia was how beautiful the public drinking fountains were. I captured two, but when we go to Barcelona in January, I plan to add to my collection, if they continue to prove to be works of art.

An unprepossessing, yet charming fountain, a little like a chess pawn.

Much more elaborate, in the tony seaside town of Roses, not far from the marina.

And while we are here in Roses, I just have to mention our lunch. We enjoyed a wonderful meal at a seaside cafe beside the marina.

We ate protected from the wind by plastic windows rolled down around the patio. Theo’s curry is on the way.

And afterward we had some amazing Italian gelato at a spot down the boardwalk.

I guess its never too cold or windy for gelato.

I also have the MOST FUN photo of Theo mimicking one of three adorable ice cream-eating toddlers in a huge photo on the wall, but was strictly forbidden from posting it. Such a disappointment! It makes me happy every time I see it, but you will just have to imagine the fun antics of a family at Roses.


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