Field Trip of My Dreams

Really, isn’t it the dream of all homeschoolers? To travel the world as a giant field trip? Well, we have begun to live that dream! First  on the timeline is ancient Greece and Rome. This was the focal of our trip to Costa Brava…the Museu d’Arqueologia de Catalunya at Empúries, an archeological excavation begun in 1908 and still ongoing, of an early Greek settlement in Gaul, followed by a Roman barracks, then city. We braved 30 kph winds to see these ruins, and it was extraordinary.

One wall of the Greek city, dating from the 3rd century, and parts to the 5th.

This tree was broken the night before our arrival. It was very windy.

A view of the Greek city from the museum terrace, which began as a medieval convent.

The Greeks chose a lovely seaview!

Unfortunately, the many amazing Greek mosaic floors had been covered with plastic and then sand to protect them for winter, one of which can be seen (or rather, not) in the bottom left corner.

An example mosaic displayed in the museum. I never realized how tiny the little pieces of marble and ceramic were that were used in these mosaics. Extraordinary!

Red figure pottery recovered from the excavation, along with a host of other artifacts…

…ncluding this fellow, who was a bit broken up, but otherwise amazing, don’t you think? He was properly repaired about 10 years ago, and is believed to be Asclepius, a god of healing.

A reproduction is outside in the ruins where he would have stood in olden days (see, over Theo’s shoulder?). He’s actually life-sized, so you can see he is far up the hill, where his temple would have overlooked the city.

Next time we’ll tour the Roman ruins above the Greek site.


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  1. the greeks knew what was what. looks a lovely place.

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