Dorothy, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

#14 (or any other randomly generated list number) Thing That Reminds Me I’m Not in Kansas:

When you have to leave the doctor with a prescription for your own vaccine to take to the pharmacy, then return to have the doctor himself inject it. Yes, that’s different. I am used to a doctor having all his own injectibles. The truth is, when certain unnamed children would require shots, if I had to prepurchase them, with all that time to dwell on the upcoming pain, hysteria would no doubt ensue. On the other hand, certain unnamed children who completely freaked at the unexpected would  handle a sudden realization by the doctor for the need of a vaccine much better with time to work through it on the trip to and from the pharmacy. So not bad; just different.

The pharmacia down the street from us.

#15 Thing That Reminds Me I’m Not in Kansas:

I used to think that humorous caution symbol they posted on the digital highway sign, well, amusing. I tried to find a photo of it to share with you, but no luck yet. It is a triangle with a drawing of a car, wheels up, inside. Imagine my shock to find it merely an accurate depiction! We exited at one of the many tight, curving exchanges, after one such sign, and drove past the car flipped on its back, just as the sign warned. Yes, I take the curves more cautiously now.

#16 Thing That Reminds Me I’m Not in Kansas:

Almost always, to turn left, go right. French intersections on major roads are often round-abouts, or rond points. It looks chaotic, but it works pretty well and keeps traffic moving. It also takes me a LOT longer to get a sense of direction and build my inner map, because it’s a little like playing a children’s game where they blindfold “It” and twirl the person before letting them go to tag or pin or whatever follows. Except I don’t have to be blindfolded, thankfully. Drive a mile, twirl, drive two, twirl, rinse, repeat, and where am I now?

Most major roundabouts have a decorated center, some quite artistic. This, our closest one, has Roman-style pillars and a stone railing. Can you see them?

Do you have any Dorothy déja vu? I would love to hear what reminds you, especially American ex-pats, that you really are in a foreign country.



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2 responses to “Dorothy, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore…

  1. B. Fertin

    pamela, it was only a few years ago that the cars on the round abouts in Colomiers were required to yield to incoming traffic! and this was only in Colomiers so, imagine the confusion!! It was tricky (and dangerous!)

    • 4pam

      Hi B! It’s great to see you pop in here! Interestingly, with several comments on facebook as well, the round abouts have generated more feedback than most things I write about. I am amazed that Colomiers thought this was a good idea. I really need to pay better attention to the right-of-way at these things: I don’t know that I would NOTICE if it suddenly changed.

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