Beautiful Barcelona

With our daughters here for Christmas, one of whom speaks fairly fluent Spanish and the other basic conversational Spanish, the best gift we could imagine was a trip to Spain. The fluent student also has beginning French under her belt (better than mine, to be sure), leaving the younger sister feeling a little overwhelmed in this country where she can’t communicate at all. Seeing this made me especially glad we planned a 5-day vacation in Barcelona. Our little jaunt into Costa Brava earlier in 2012 did not prepare me for the striking architecture and beautiful sights of this city. In truth, there was so much to see and I have so many photos, I’m not even sure what to share or how.

I’ll start at the beginning. We stayed at a lovely little boutique hotel downtown in the very nice and less busy Gracia district of Barcelona called The Petit Hotel. The staff was very helpful, especially little Petit, a terrier who let us rub behind his ears. They recommended the best Catalonian breakfast at a little spot a block away: omelettes called tortillas (which had no tortillas) served with split baguette pieces brushed with a tomato dressing and all drizzled in olive oil. Very tasty!

cat eggs

The district was loaded with interesting shops.

Incredibly adorable Christmas cookies!

Incredibly adorable Christmas cookies!

Sweets for Christmas

Sweets for Christmas

An incredibly innovative stationary bike. Design seems like a HUGE part of Barcelona.

An incredibly innovative stationary bike. Design seems like a HUGE part of Barcelona.

Italian in Spain

Italian in Spain

Everything is in Catalan, so we really didn't know what these things were.

Everything is printed in Catalan, so  it’s really helpful to see something in English, even if you don’t know what a turron is.

I’ve got lots more to show, so stay tuned!


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