Just returned from Switzerland…

land of the tinkling cow bells, gasp-worthy scenery, and heart-stopping prices. I look forward to editing hundreds of photos and gleaning which ones to share with friends and family.

We were gone one week, and I maintain that it is challenging to take a “Chill-Out” vacation with people who don’t often “chill. Relaxing HAS to be a group activity! Switzerland has a German section and a French section (and I hear there is an Italian section, too?), but we spent most of our time in German-speaking parts. I found that it was easier to understand if you read signs outloud to yourself. Then, “lebber” is more understandable as liver, and “mit” frites is obviously with fries. But some words just belonged in a Minions sketch, like the word, apparently, for exit, “ausfahrt”: truly worth little yellow capsule-shaped guys elbowing each other, snickering, and blowing raspberries.

We left Saturday morning before Bastille Day, a really big summer holiday. This is one of the busiest travel days of the year, so our French neighbors recommended taking the central route through France. It was a great idea; we had clear roads the whole way, and decided to lunch in Lyon, which was only a little off the highway. If only we had checked the Tour de France route. I mean, really, with all of France to cycle through, why would we think they would be passing through Lyon right at our lunch break? And yet… What a mess that was! We lost a good hour besides lunch just trying to leave. Every road toward Geneva was closed. It was awful! And we didn’t even see a competitor. We did eventually pass through Geneva, which was having some sort of strange fete of its own. People were dressed VERY strangely. And some, very barely. And some of the roads, again, were closed, although deviations were clearly marked. Our destination for Saturday was Bern, the capital of Switzerland.

Theo in Bern.

Theo in Bern.

One thing I did while in Bern, figuring I could find a good shop with camera techs, I asked for help with my camera, which has developed spots on the images. I thought, in Venice, it was rain spots, but they are permanent and spreading. Alas, no good news for the little camera. So, I will try to remove as much of this interference as possible, but sometimes my photo will just have random spots and squiggles. So sorry. In the meantime, I have lots of photo editing to do.


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