50 Before 50

Back when I turned 40, I brainstormed these things to do before I turned 50. If they are highlighted purple, I’ve checked that item off. Done! (I don’t really expect to get them all, but I’m shooting for as many as I can.)

  • 1. Tube down the Guadalupe River.
  • 2. Get a French manicure/pedicure.
  • 3. Survive my 17 year-old’s (now 22yo) driving practice.
  • 4. Conquer the paper monster.
  • 5. Throw out things I’m not using.
  • 6. Sleep in a barn.
  • 7. Get a professional massage.
  • 8. Make tiramisu.
  • 9. Visit at least one state north of the Mason-Dixon line other than Washington.
  • 10. Run a 5K.
  • 11. Visit Barb, either in N. Carolina or MI.
  • 12. Take M and K to the Barn.
  • 13. Take another dance class with Stoney.
  • 14. Visit a country NOT in North America.
  • 15. Sell THIS house!
  • 16. Graduate Q from high school.
  • 17. Graduate at least one of my children from college.
  • 18. Visit Canada.
  • 19. Lose 20 pounds and/or fit back into my size 12s.
  • 20. Finish M’s scrapbook.
  • 21. Finish K’s scrapbook.
  • 22. Start T’s scrapbook.
  • 23. Finish the Mother and Baby cross-stitch.
  • 24. Attend an opera.
  • 25. Build a new house that I like.
  • 26. Go to Europe with one of my teens on mission trip.
  • 27. Go to a Women’s Retreat. (I am counting the BSF Retreat with the Women’s Day Group.)
  • 28. Become a MOPS mentor.
  • 29. Lead somebody to Christ.
  • 30. Take a college class.
  • 31. Complete a Kay Arthur group Bible study. Became a BSF Group Leader instead.
  • 32. Memorize 50 Bible verses.
  • 33. Get an A on the light level of any DDR song.
  • 34. Consistently keep a prayer notebook and pray from it EVERY DAY.
  • 35. Donate something other than whole blood.
  • 36. Graduate M from high school.
  • 37. Graduate K from high school.
  • 38. Make a quilt.
  • 39. Start and maintain a strength/weights program.
  • 40. See all those giant president heads with T.
  • 41. Celebrate the SMALLER victories of my kids for 6 straight months.
  • 42. Consistently pray with each child one day a week for 3 months.
  • 43. Develop the habit of keeping my car clean (on the inside).
  • 44. Finish compiling my email diary.
  • 45. Take a field trip at least every other month with whoever I am currently teaching at the time. (we’re supposed to be having FUN!)
  • 46. Improve at crossword puzzles enough to do at least the Friday NY Times puzzle.
  • 47. Get to know my neighbors better.
  • 48. Spend one whole day in my pajamas.
  • 49. Visit Big Bend National Park
  • 50. See whales in the ocean.

5 responses to “50 Before 50

  1. Robyn

    Wait.. Barb lives in North Carolina. NOW you have to meet another Barb, or find a spa in S. Carolina. DOH!

  2. 4pam

    Good catch, Robyn!! I’m sure I was just WISHING she lived in South Carolina. What with Charleston being there and all. But having to go in and correct that made me catch up on my updates, too, so good deal.

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