I’m a 40-something mom of four who spent 17 years homeschooling some or all of those kids. School-year 2007-08 was my first NOT to be engaged in that full-time job, but making ME my project. This blog began that year to document weight loss, fitness goals, and spiritual development.  I am in mid-life, a new creation in Christ, continually transforming!

The remade me is still overweight, though not as much, and much more fit and healthy. I now teach art in a Christian elementary school, and to homeschoolers. I lead a Bible Study Fellowship discussion group and help teach a Sunday School class for young adults. Mostly, I am just having fun being whatever new me opportunity and God offer, and trying to joyously embrace the adventure!


5 responses to “Who?

  1. DH

    I love you unconditionally and support your goals whole-heartedly. Take me with you on your journey!

  2. Hi Pamela! I recently discovered your blog and have really enjoyed your posts! So I’m nominating you as a Versatile Blogger! Here’s my post about it: http://arielkprice.wordpress.com/2011/10/08/im-a-versatile-blogger/

  3. Your very honest and open. Thanks for the insight.

  4. techchallengedmillenial

    Dear Pamela, My name is Lidia Medina and I am with the World Spa & Travel magazine’s, luxury travel magazine devoted to
    bringing our readers & new refreshing content while building a
    community of like-minded individuals. Our company launched a blog last
    week! I came across your blog and loved it!I was wondering if you were
    interested in writing some blog posts depending on your availability.
    Our website is http://www.theworldspa.com and the blog is under “Travel
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    Feel free to message me any questions!

    All the best,


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