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Trotting out Art

I saw a photo of this horse and it just called to me in pastels. I tossed off a quick sketch for a friend’s horse-crazy daughter, and voila!

pony sketch in pastels

I will add Psalm 139:14 in collaged typography and seal this baby. It’s fun to do something quick!


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A Pooch Picture

While we were in Texas, I made my father-in-law a portrait of his dog, Penny.

Penny and pastel

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I’m still trying the “Creative every weekend” version of CED, and this week I rediscovered Emily Dickinson’s hope-perches-in-the-soul quote. It just quietly lit me up, and I envisioned this pastel sketch. It seemed apropos to the March theme of “Nest.”  Sadly, I got it wet trying to work in the mouth area and got it smudgy, but I still like it. It took the little flicker it had made in my heart and set it on paper, and I am happy. It is only a sketchbook sketch for fun, anway!

Hope sketch

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And My Favorite

I can see that I should have photographed it BEFORE I framed it. Ah well. This is a charcoal sketch done for my younger daughter’s Christmas. She has two pet hedgehogs, and her room is done in yellow, black, white and gray. If I hadn’t left my pastels at school, I might have tried to add a dandelion or something for a bit of yellow accent, so it is probably just as well. I might have messed it up trying. I think she will be surprised and pleased. (Good thing she never bothers to read my blog, eh?)

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So far, so good

This week I am halfway through the first quarter of school, and I think our lessons and projects are working out as well as I had hoped! Kindergarten seems younger than last year 😉 but after a guided drawing of a line and pattern turtle and their own created shape-robot, I think I have a pretty good idea of where they are starting. I think my color wheel snail went over big with this set: lots of tactile involvement, and those secondary colors just appeared like magic out of the Model Magic as they squeezed primaries together! Love that stuff!

the vertical snail design, with color wheel

the horizontal snail design, no colorwheel

First and second grades have been quite enthusiastic about art! Their line/pattern animal was actually a teddy bear, and turned out really well. Better than most of the third and fourth grade cats; the cats were apparently more complicated than I realized. Most of first/second caught on pretty well to countour drawing with the leaf, too. By the time they had to translate it to their chalk pastel project, they were seeing all kinds of detail. This worked well, looked dramatic, and appealed to the whole group.

Third through sixth have been learning about drawing contours, too, and have begun still lifes. I hope to have those up at Artsonia in a week or two. All artwork are teacher samples for the students.

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