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Bits and Pieces

The lady checking me out (not THAT way) at Dick’s sporting goods, where I bought little protective sparring gloves and new cushy running shoes, remarked on how much weight I lost since the GOSHAWFUL driver’s license photo. Wow. J I’ll be sure to shop there more often.

And all my annual bloodwork came back, GOOD. No more borderline high cholesterol. Good ratios on the HDL and LDL. And that heart episode marker they look for in your blood? A little high last year; NORMAL this year. All this is worth the pain JUST for those numbers.


DH’s car is going to cost over $1,000 to fix. Guess we’ll call the insurance. *sigh* It is SO embarrassing to call the insurance to say I need to file a claim against myself. And there is one drawback to one’s husband being so amazingly  annoyingly forgiving and concerned regarding the accident: when one gets really, really peeved at him, one is reminded how awesomely lovingly he disregarded the accident, and realizes one really has to be just as forgiving back. Well, if that’s the only drawback, I’ll live, and pretty richly, too.



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Weigh-in Wednesday-ish

I was lazy yesterday and didn’t get to writing until today. Mostly I just read. I love reading!


183.8 pounds. Yippee!! New numbers: a good thing.

I’m keeping up with Bible study and mostly with quiet times. I’m praying, and I acutally asked maybe half a dozen high school moms to pray with me for the high school. No fruit there yet, but I trust in God to provide.

Loving my workouts! To be honest, I feel reluctant to GO most times, but I always have a great time once I am THERE. Missed last Thursday because of a doctor appointment, but I think I got something on my other workout days. Didn’t walk the dog this Tuesday, though (and K said she was TOTALLY hyper at Dog Club, too. Oops).

I just keep on keeping on!

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Weigh-in Wednesday on time!

It’s good not to feel like a ditz and do my check-in on the appropriate date. 🙂

184.6 pounds, so I am sure last week was some water-retention fluke or something. Sheesh.

I’m getting good workouts about 5 days a week and enjoying myself, so what more could I ask? Well, how about that dh thinks my less flabby, firmer arms are sexy? LOL! It’s all good!

I did so well with my food log and food choices this week! I am proud of that, too. It’s important to tell myself no, and not now, and “you have more important goals than that dessert, Pam.”

I’m loving the Bible study about Moses, and more importantly, I feel like God is talking to me again. Mostly I am sure that’s because I’m actually spending time with Him again. It’s hard to hear someone you’re rarely with, you know?

Prayer time is growing. It’s just a good week all around, I guess. Happy me!

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Yes, it is…WIW

Okay, the Oreos this week may have been a bad idea. Seriously. 186.2. I’m a rollercoaster anyway, though. And I hadn’t had Oreos in months, and they were GOOOOOOD. So there.

Let’s see…I’m having some great workouts, but this week also wasn’t good for consistency. Hmmm….maybe that added to the Oreo effect. Anywhooo….I was feeling sick Saturday so didn’t workout, then the DRC was closed Sunday and Monday, but I turned up too busy to use my own equipment anyway, so it might have been a bust had they been open. Three days in a row is a bad skip. Yet, I’ve finally reached a level of fitness that it doesn’t downright HURT to get moving again after that long a break. THAT is worth rejoicing over!!

Been really enjoying my quiet time lately, which I suspect is a direct result of praying that God would restore my joy in His Word. He is nothing if not faithful!! Praise God!

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Weigh-in Wednesday:better late than never

This week was VBS at church, as well as everything else I normally do, and few I don’t, so I am only just now getting around to this.

OK: 187.8 This might seem lower, but I figure my weight just wanders around the number 188, so who knows what it will be next week.

I didn’t do so great tracking my food, because I never had time to stop and figure out what everything tallied up.

Exercise: I couldn’t go to my morning R*ver Running because of VBS, but I went to the classes at 8 pm. Not my preference, but better than skipping. I DID skip my Tuesday circuit training, because I couldn’t get a big enough chunk in my day, what with all the kids’ appointments and such. But I did it Thursday, and just never did my Thursday weight training. So all in all, I persevered.

Bible and prayer were so-so.

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Woe is Me Wednesday

188.6 pounds.

I don’t feel like going over the stats, ’cause they were all good, except the above. I go run in the riv*r today, and I’m tired, and just hoping I can get through it. My Aleve has worn off and I’m debating whether to take another.

I will add a stat: DH had taken a belly measurement back in April, when I could barely fit my fat clothes, and that’s down by an inch as of this week. I do fit my fat clothes now. Can’t seem to get excited about that, though.


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It hurts.

I hope this is really working, because at this point, I feel weaker and sore, and I’m tired. Well, I feel more energetic, but my muscles feel tired. Going up and down the stairs is work. I’m wanting to see some gains for my pains! Please, Lord, bless my work with some encouragement.

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