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I can see for miles, and miles…of milestones!

FIRST: note that my 50 before 50 has another first highlighted! Yes, I enjoyed my first professional massage as a non-food reward for dropping below 180 and staying there. I felt like butter softening. And it had turned out to be a rather stressful day, too, as my oldest had the transmission go out on his car, two states away, and we were trying to work the whole issue. Ahhhh! Relief!

NEXT: I got not only my 5% award at Weight Watchers tonight, I also made my second 5 pound award! Lots of milestones. Current weight 175.8.

Now for the numbers…I only alotted myself 24 points a day, instead of 25. I feel safer that way. I ate 220 points, which included my 168 points, pretty much all my 35 weekly points, plus lots of my 34 Activity Points. I think I’m still being pretty conservative with those APs, but I actually hope to exercise a little more this next week as I further prepare for my Someday 5K. I made some poor decisions early on in the week that I feared would cost me my goal (like the all-you-can-eat pizza buffet, where at least I didn’t eat all I *could*), but the last few days have been filled with better choices, so it all worked out in the end! Truly, this journey is a marathon, not a sprint, which is a good thing, as I’ve never been a good sprinter.


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Back on Track

High five to me! Last weigh in was down 1.2 pounds. My total loss on Weight Watchers is now 8.7 pounds, but my actual total loss is 12.7 pounds. I am less than a pound away from losing 5% of my body weight! I am going to do SUCH a good job with my tracker this week, because I don’t want to jeopardize that milestone at all. That said, last week was a lousy tracker week. I had a lot of trouble keeping up, and didn’t get Sunday tracked at all. So I can’t really say what my points totals were. Sorry.

Today, Coach adjusted my 5k training program, and I am really looking forward to the new challenge! She also added in some ankle workouts. That should be interesting. I think I am already feeling the workout in my ankle. 🙂 I still have three weeks until my orthotics are in, so I am counting on these exercises to help me as I move up in intensity on the rest of the program. I start Saturday morning, and I can hardly wait!

I’ve been slacking off some on the Bible study/devotional time. L3  That is me kicking myself in the rear to get back on track in THAT aspect of my life. Still really loving God and in a green space spiritually, though. I am so grateful for this Sabbatical year. I don’t even have words to adequately describe how desperately I needed this time to get my heart and body right. I started last May feeling like a wounded soldier abandoned on the battlefield. I haven’t even completed my year, but already my heart is full. I don’t just KNOW I am loved by God; I FEEL loved by God. I am getting connected to people in spite of myself, especially with BSF and Relay for Life. I’ve got my second wind!

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Rushed update

Ridiculously busy. Drat.

But I weighed in Thursday am at 178.2. I ate all my points plus 33 weekly points, plus 21 activity points. My foot is giving me grief again, so fewer APs.

I have a feeling that next week might be up a bit. But I’m going to do my best!

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Checking in and jumping up and down

Oh Joy!

Oh Joy!

Too bad I can’t count that as Activity Points.

Woot! I have a 5 pound star! I actually lost 1.2 pounds, for a total of 6.1 pounds lost in five weeks. This is a phenomenal rate of weight loss for me: about twice my Texas Weight Watchers loss rate, and easily 4-5 times what I lose without Weight Watchers. See my joyous Snoopy dance? However, I did learn that my jeans weigh TWO WHOLE POUNDS. I weighed at home with and without, and believe you me, I will never weigh in my jeans again. I ditched them for the lightest weight pants I could find.

Points consumed for the week, which included Valentine’s Day: 208 points out of a possible weekly 210 + 33 activity points.

Also, beyond the five pound star, I also crossed my 180 pound threshold, at 179.8 pounds. This is glorious news!! And WHY is it glorious news? Because if I maintain a weight below 180 pounds next weigh-in, I get to treat myself to a FULL BODY MASSAGE!! Woo-hoo! Hallelujah! Because that will mean I have genuinely lost 10 pounds since May. I really hope Coach does a body fat test again in March, because I would love to know how many actual fat pounds are gone now.

OK, enough with the physical. I am a spiritual creature, too, and how is that going? Well, just as I suspected, taking on leadership in BSF has definitely kicked everything up a notch. I’m having a great time, and God is helping me order my time so that it is not too burdensome (at times it’s positively joyful) praying for another 15 women in my life. And I am getting SO MUCH out of the leaders’ meeting. Who knew the Books of the Law would have so much applicable learning?

Now if Spring would just spring my joy would just bubble over! This interminable winter looks to be wrapping up a bit. I have crocus blooming in my garden. 🙂


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Tired of keeping up with me?

I know I am. *sigh* But hey, accountability can’t take a holiday, or it ceases to remember to be accountable, right?

So, I’ll chat more another day (for instance, I want to share the article I use to calculate my Activity Points for my trainer-generated workouts), but tonight I’m just going to check in. Last Thursday I lost 1.5 pounds at Weight Watchers weigh-in. This was monumentally disappointing, ironically, as it happened to be point one (yes, that is one-tenth) pounds away from a five-pound star reward. I think that must be the only time I nearly cried after losing a pound and a half. It made me wish I had peed before I got in line. Seriously. And this was AFTER a hard workout with Coach.

Oh, and you know that foot trouble I’ve been having? Well, since Coach thought it might be one leg longer than the other since it was always only one foot, I visited my neighbor the chiropractor/sports medicine dude. He said it sounded more like the arch in that foot is falling. He’s going to check whether my insurance will pay for that, too, and if so, we’re working on biomechanics! (I have a nasty back sway to work on also, but I already knew that. Been working on it off and on since high school.) I’ll see him again Monday and find out.

So there I am. I will try to do a proper check-in Thursday with my points and such.

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Making it through the Super Bowl…On Plan

I think we can all agree that Super Bowl Sunday is a daaaangerous day for those of us trying to lose weight. Ever the optimist, I began this day with the intent, nay: the DETERMINATION to survive the night on plan with Weight Watchers. After all, that IS why I added WW to my arsenal of accountability partners; I needed help managing the food! So far, so good. And I don’t feel deprived at all.

I started out with only 4 points at breakfast, but whole grain to stick around awhile. Lunch was 1 point soup and whole grain goldfish, so only another 4 points. That left 17 points for the occasion! Now I can have BOTH a small beef fajita and 6 baked buffalo wings and dip baked tostitos in my salsa and veggies in my guacamole, and be satisfied and then some on a feast of  21 points. The whole day so far is only 4 points into my weekly allowance. I am patting me on the back!

And when the rest of the gang breaks out the ice cream and root beer for floats, I have stocked up on Weight Watchers ice cream cups, so I can still have my similar sweet, but only 2 more points.

My success is not just what I DID eat, but also what I kept out of the house! We have NO Chex Mix, a bad binge trigger for me. Also no cookies or cake or cobbler: I love that stuff! For me, ice cream is nice, but not to die for, so I can have a little and leave it. I had a lot of points for one day without any activity points, but for a special occasion, it’s a good day!

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Ahh…relief! And encouragement!

My Weight Watchers weigh in last night exceeded my wildest dreams: 182.6, down 2.4 pounds!! That’s a huge amount. You can check my Wednesday Weigh-ins and see for yourself; I’m not exaggerating what a victory this is.

I checked with my doctor about my foot, and she gave me a stronger anti-inflammatory and recommended water running. I guess I could do that. I vastly prefer River Running at the water park in the summer, but I could push past my prejudice of indoor pools and sub that for part of a couple of my workouts. Just until my foot gets better.

Anyway, things are looking up for me! Hey, Beth!! Yoohoo! Check out that weigh-in! God hugged me with that.


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Choosing Thankfulness

Tonight I weighed in after a week on Weight Watchers. I stayed on plan: I have 24 points each day (actually I qualify for 25, but I chose 24), plus my activity points. I also have 35 weekly points which I try not to dip into AT ALL. I used 5 weekly points. I earned 25 activity points, and didn’t use them all.

I lost one pound. I was so afraid I wouldn’t lose that one pound. I begged God all day to let it at least be one whole pound. It was good for me to lose that one pound. When I did this back in Texas a half a pound or less would not be unusual for a week on plan. And I was grateful. But I was also so sad. Still am. I don’t understand why this is so hard for me. I know Coach is expecting a significant weight loss when I check in with her in February, because she said so. She said the combination of running (now on hold for a few more days) and WW would just drop the pounds off of me. I was skeptical, but I pushed my fear of further failure aside and accepted her pronouncement.

But now I don’t believe it. I’m going to disappoint her, and I disappoint me. But I keep on. I will try to choose more veggies and less bready foods. And drink more water even though it is cold, and I don’t drink much non-hot stuff when it is cold. But mostly, I choose, I CHOOSE to be thankful that I lost a pound. God answered my prayer, and I am grateful.

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Whoops Wednesday.

Oh, wait. It’s Thursday. But I was seeing my trainer today, so I was going to check in today, so it is really Wednesday a day late. (You know I do that sometimes.)

poundage, even after three holiday parties and confection making by my daughters: 182.7. I’m going to survive the holidays!

On the other hand, I fell on some black ice in my driveway early this morning, and will not be making my trainer appointment, or even a workout what with this pronounced limp and all. So I am surviving lamely at the moment.

Not much of a check-in, but hey, at least it was one!

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Whoa!!!! Someone broke in…

and remodeled the house!! Gee, I get busy and don’t check in for a really long time awhile and I come back and can’t recognize a thing. What the heck happened?! Nothing on the dashboard is where I left it. Sheesh, how’s a person to find anything around here if people go and clean up for you?

Well, anyway, I didn’t become deathly ill or anything. It’s just the holidays. You know: shuttling all the teen socialites hither and yon for various party-like events, and welcoming my oldest son back to the family for a few days (with the year-long girlfriend), and just celebrating like crazy the Advent season. This is SOOOOO my favorite time of year! But nonetheless, an update is long overdue, so here goes…

Weight: 182 pounds. Slow, but still moving in the right direction, and that’s what’s important, right? I still prefer counting Weight Watchers points to calories, and it seems to work a little better for me, but I’m busy enough to have trouble keeping up with even that. I try, though! No quitters here!

Workouts have dropped off a tad, either in length or frequency. I’m always optimistic that I’ll fit them in, though. And honestly, I do; it’s just closer to the minimum than the maximum.

Spiritual health is awesome, though!! Lots of time with the Lord. Gotta love Advent!

So, it’s Thursday, but this is my Wednesday post. 🙂

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