A Basket-less Easter

Yes, it’s true…this “supermom” broke a tradition of 22 years, and that’s if you don’t count the years of MY life from 1 through college. Our Easter had no. basket. No eggs with little symbols of the Resurrection Story either on or in them. I am thinking this might well mean I am overworked. Of course, a 13 and an 18 year old don’t necessarily need a basket of surprises in the morning, but it definitely leaves one feeling thought-of.

We were not entirely without thought, though. I had on the kitchen table for my daughter a pineapple cupcake mix to do together, and Reester bunnies. And for my son, a terra cotta bowl with the makings of a Resurrection Garden. (And a little Reester bunny. After all, Jesus can hardly be worshiped without chocolate.) The Easter garden turned out to be a good substitute for a basket, and better for time spent together.

the stone is rolled away!


but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus.


He is risen!


The deviled eggs were just for fun, a Pinterest find.

It was a good Easter, all things considered. I mean, really, Easter can’t help but be good, no matter what, because it’s the Good News!



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